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Save Carbon.
Empower Communities.
Improve Lives.

Be Part of Their Solution

Whether our volunteers are helping to plant trees, build living fences or smokeless stoves Reduce Our Carbon Charitable Foundation is listening to the communities we engage with to help them fight climate change and poverty.

Climate change impacts are unevenly distributed.Poor and vulnerable communities are being impacted the most despitecontributing the least to emissions historically.

Join us in our mission to combat climate change, restore ecosystems, and uplift communities. Your support can create
a ripple effect, bringing sustainable change to the lives of countless individuals.


Our Mission

At Reduce Our Carbon Charitable Foundation, our mission is to create a sustainable future for all. We are dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality to protect the health and well-being of communities worldwide. Join us in our mission to save lives and create a greener, healthier planet.

Fueling Sustainability: Embracing Smokeless Stoves & Agroforestry

ROC reduces carbon emissions in two ways:

Our Stats at a Glance

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Trees planted

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Smokeless Stoves Installed

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Families Supported

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From Smoke to Smiles: Cleaner Stoves, Greener Future

The impact of smokeless stoves goes beyond health benefits and convenience.  María López described how improved air quality within her home positively affected her family's overall well-being. "We no longer feel suffocated by smoke all the time," she said with a smile. "Our children are healthier, and we can now focus on increasing our productivity in the fields."

Through our efforts, we have witnessed remarkable transformations. Carbon emissions have been significantly reduced, improving the local environment and contributing to global climate goals. The introduction of smokeless stoves has led to a decrease in respiratory illnesses, particularly among women and children. Agroforestry initiatives have restored degraded lands, increased biodiversity, and provided sustainable livelihoods for farmers. The reforested areas are now home to thriving ecosystems, providing habitat for wildlife and protecting watersheds.

With our model, investors can use the carbon sequestered by the trees to offset their carbon footprint at the same time as providing direct support to families most impacted by deforestation and climate change.

Every day families are risking their health because their means of cooking is indoors over an open fire. The smoke they inhale leads to serious illness including childhood pneumonia, bronchitis, and heart disease. With our Train the Trainer program the installation of a smokeless cooking stove in less than 3 hours extracts the smoke and burns more safely and efficiently.

Studies have shown that, on average, a tropical tree will sequester at least 20kg of carbon every year during its growth cycle of 40 years.

A one-off investment of just 300 trees can offset an average annual UK carbon footprint of 6 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) every year for 40+ years.

Save CarbonImprove Lives

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