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Agroforestry Program

Agroforestry climate offsetting focuses on: poverty reduction, environmental improvement through agroforestry, improved farming practices and support to farm enterprise development. Agroforestry enhances carbon sequestration and thereby it contributes to the mitigation of climate change.

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Improving Economic Equality

To fight poverty and climate change – together. Empowering smallholder farmer families socially and economically, building their resilience while enhancing biodiversity and climate change mitigation through sustainable agricultural land management, including agroforestry.

What is Agroforestry?

Agroforestry is the deliberate growing of trees alongside crops and/or livestock so that all parties can benefit from each other. Agroforestry increases biodiversity, soil humidity and fertility, enabling diversified food production and increased yields. The trees prevent soil erosion and bid carbon dioxide – agroforestry provides productivity and mitigates the impact of climate change. The trees provide shade, feed for the animals, compost material – and, in fact, also moisture to the soil. An agroforestry tree contributes with more water than it consumes. Agroforestry helps to recreate a natural ecosystem. It results in a bigger harvest, a better climate and increased resistance to the effects of climate change.

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